Edmond T. Gréville – Pour une nuit d’amour (1947)

Thérèse de Marsanne (Odette Joyeux) kills her lover Pierre as he is an obstacle to her marriage with the wealthy Count of Vetheuil (Jacques Castelot). To get rid of the corpse, she obtains the assistance of Julien (Roger Blin) a poor young boy madly in love with her by promising him ” une nuit d’amour ” (a night of love, title of the film). After his sinister job done, Julien learns from Thérèse herself that he was part of a sordid crime and runs away terrorized, hence becoming the obvious culprit. Hunted down, he will eventually show at at Thérèse’s wedding to get arrested and accept his fate.

DVD Source: TV
DVD Format: PAL
DVD Audio: French AC3 Mono 2.0
Program: DVDShrink
Menus: None
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
1H 26 mn.



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