Michel Deville1971-1980DramaFrance

Michel Deville – Raphaël ou le débauché AKA Raphael, or The Libertine (1971)

France, 1830. Morbidly obsessed with the brevity of his existence, Raphaël throws himself into a life of excessive debauchery. It is a path that can only lead towards ignominious self-destruction… But then, one day, Raphaël meets Aurore, a young window, whose life and philosophy are the complete opposite of his. She lives a simple existence in the country, doing good works, virtuous in every word and deed. But their meeting awakens something in both of them. Aurore becomes aware of a longing she has never known, whilst Raphaël is assailed by emotions with which he is entirely unfamiliar…

1.84GB | 1h 40m | 915×572 | mkv



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