Kajirô Yamamoto – Wagahai wa neko de aru AKA I am a Cat (1936)

It’s the first film adaptation of Natsumi Soseki’s novel “I Am a Cat”, but I was a little disappointed when I saw it with high expectations, because it’s less than 90 minutes long and there’s no monologue about the cat, so it’s just me in the middle of the human drama. Before that, there are only a few scenes in which I appear.

The world situation at the time of the Russo-Japanese War has been replaced by that of World War I (the attack on Qingdao is shown in a newspaper article. However, since it was filmed before the war, the scenery has a certain feel to it. This atmosphere is something you can’t get in a postwar film.

Director Yamamoto is a prewar master, but after the war there are many program pictures and it may be more appropriate today to call him “Akira Kurosawa’s teacher”.

Sadao Maruyama also played Yamaarashi in “Botsu-chan” directed by Yamamoto the year before. He died the day after the end of the war after being exposed to the atomic bombing in Hiroshima while leading the Cherry Blossom Corps (Sakura Corps) in a theatrical tour.

503MB | 1h 27m | 720×480 | mkv



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