1961-1970Amos Vogel: Film as a Subversive ArtExperimentalShûsaku ArakawaUSA

Shûsaku Arakawa – Why Not: A Serenade of Eschatological Ecology (1970)

Why Not is hypnotic, compulsive and claustrophobic. It is bathed in a cold, pervasive eroticism, which, oblique and displaced at first, finally becomes explicit in one of the most bizarre masturbation sequences ever filmed. For almost two hours, we observe a young, strikingly pretty girl, nude most of the time and alone in an apartment, engaged in a sonambulistic and sensuous attempt at coming to terms with herself.

432MB | 1h 50m | 540×405 | mkv



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  1. I definitely endorse the concept of experimental film: seeking to invent, discover, push boundaries — usually in unconventional or non-narrative formats. There also is a real need for places (like COTW) that will showcase works that probably only a relative handful of museum or festival-goers ever got to see, so that other, larger, later audiences can learn of them and access them.

    BUT, that said, and while not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, potential viewers may prefer to know whether they are about to waste 2 hours of their lives watching something that they will find to be majorly unrewarding. Such is the case here. Was it Roger Ebert who said, “If nothing has happened for the first 30 minutes, then nothing is going to happen” ? It would likely help a lot if you have a taste for things very drawn out or repetitive, well beyond what serves much purpose, or find watching paint dry to be fascinating, or have some strong hallucinogens at your disposal. Oh, and slap a rather pretentious title on for good measure. Nothing here that could not have been accomplished in a 20 minute short, saving us about 90.

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