José Giovanni – Dernier domicile connu AKA Last Known Address (1970)

As a result of a serious professional blunder, Inspector Leonetti finds himself transferred to a minor police department. There, he is assigned to a difficult case involving a certain Roger Martin, who has disappeared with his small daughter. Martin is in fact a key witness in a murder case and is required to give evidence against a well-known gangster. To help him in his hunt for Martin, Leonetti is teamed up with Jeanne, a young policewoman with next to no experience. By frequently changing his address Martin hopes not only to evade Leonetti and Jeanne, but also the band of gangsters who are determined to prevent him from testifying…
— James Travers

2.78GB | 1h 45m | 960×576 | mkv–_Jose_Giovanni.mkv

Subtitles:English,French (muxed)

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