Robin Lutz – Escher: Het Oneindige Zoeken AKA M.C. Escher – Journey to Infinity (2018)

Feature documentary about the life and work of MC Escher.

Letterboxd review
★★★★ Watched by NotASexyVamp 17 Feb 2019

After a slow start, this becomes a seriously satisfying film about a great artist. Escher considered his work “a search for the endless” and this film argues he achieved that. By using the tools of cinema to bring his art to life, we can discover the way it operates, the nuanced construction behind it. By using Escher’s own words (brought to life by Stephen Fry), we see his view on his work. Awe-inspiring.

1.62GB | 1h 24m | 1920×1080 | mkv


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