1991-2000DocumentaryItalyRaffaele Andreassi

Raffaele Andreassi – I lupi dentro AKA The Wolves Inside (2000)

Following the steps of the painter Antonio Ligabue, the documentary discovers the works of many naif painters from the Bassa Padania who live along the banks of the river Po.
Part of I lupi dentro (The Wolves Inside) brings together a number of unusual, picaresque, mysterious and occasionally extraordinary characters you might well meet, or invent anywhere. We find them along river banks or in woods, in old, abandoned farms, in swamps, in tree tops and hidden dales.
The characters of this story all do traditional, occasionally archaic or even totally invented jobs.
It is to these actors of the river who play romantic and extravagant parts that a lot of this story is dedicated to. — Raffaele Andreassi

2.26GB | 2h 50m | 1024×576 | mkv



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