Jordan Belson – Meditation (1972)

Belson has made reference to the hallucinatory quality of his films, and he associates this form of imagery with interior vision that corresponds to the inward spiritual journey the mind can achieve through meditation. In Belson’s words, “the hallucinatory aspect of imagery is certainly inherent in my work and in the ideas relevant to my work.” In a program note that accompanies Meditation (1971), Belson states, “by diving deep through your spiritual eye you will see into the fourth dimension, aglow with the wonders of the inner world. It is hard to get there, but how beautiful it is!”

In the same program note he goes on to describe some of the visual imagery he has experienced in meditation: “I saw a shining ocean, endless, living, blissful. From all sides luminous waves, with a roaring sound, rushed toward me, engulfed and drowned me; I lost all awareness of outward things.” – Leah Hendriks,

113MB | 5m 33s | 720×540 | mkv


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