Manuel Pradal1991-2000ArthouseDramaFrance

Manuel Pradal – Marie Baie des Anges aka Marie from the Bay of Angels (1997)

Marie, a young French girl, begins dating a GI soldier when him and other soldiers take shore leave on the coast of France. They spend a considerable amount of time together. Then the soldier dumps her for some reason. Enter Orso, a danger hungry criminal. After unsuccessfully attempting to rape Marie, he instead steals her purse. In the purse are her treasured items. He returns the items. The two fall in love. They escape to a deserted island in the Bay Of Angels. From here, the film descends into a random montage of scenes, which become more disturbing with the progression of time.

3.76GB | 1h 33m | 720×480 | mkv

Language:French & English 50/50
Subtitles:English for the French parts

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