Mesut Uçakan – Reis Bey (1990)

Reis bey has been a hardworking and merciless judge all his life. He has no family, he lives in a hotel where he complains about a moaning sick woman in the next room, threatening to have her thrown out. Shortly before his retirement he tries the case of a young man accused to have robbed and murdered his own mother. He convicts him to death by hanging because a piece of his mother’s jewelry has been found in his pocket, and because of the fact that he’s a drug addict and didn’t love his mother. The young man’s beloved wet-nurse tries to convince the judge in vain of the young man’s innocence.

An imam says a prayer in the prison’s cell the night before the execution, the young man has a final talk with the judge and coolly tells him that the guilt of having convicted an innocent man will haunt him the rest of his life. Then the execution takes place in the prison’s courtyard.

Shortly afterwards the real culprit confesses the murder. The judge visits the young man’s grave, he meets the wet-nurse, she makes him change his whole attitude to justice, punishment and forgiveness. The judge then visits the heroin den, he becomes a Christ-like figure gathering the criminals around him and making them repent. They hand their weapons over to him, he puts them into his pockets. Then the police raid the den. One man slips a packet of heroin into the judge’s coat pocket which the police find.

The judge is arrested and imprisoned. His former colleagues are full of contempt, except the defending counsel, but the prison inmates honour him. At his own court hearing, where he is now the accused, the man who slipped the heroin packet into his pocket, confesses and the judge is acquitted.

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