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Robert Gottlieb – Garbo (2021)

“Countless books have been written about Greta Garbo since her self-imposed exile in the 1940s, yet this comprehensive biography may be the final word. Gottlieb’s research is so complete and his style so engaging that this book almost reads like an oral biography told through a singular voice… This is a brilliantly written and constructed portrait of a true icon of the cinema…” (Library Journal)

“Searching and sensitive … A lengthy “Garbo reader” full of excerpts and articles about her rounds out Gottlieb’s perfectly paced account and the wealth of photos is a plus. The result is a masterful look at an elusive Hollywood giant….” (Publishers’ Weekly)

“Gottlieb’s deeply affecting book is a loving tribute to a great Swedish-American actress – an absolutely must-read for Garbo freaks. With the help of more than 200 wonderful movie stills and other photos, Gottlieb brings all these films to life, detailing her frequently somber portrayals of tragic characters. His attention to small details and warm writing style will engross even readers unfamiliar with Garbo’s films…” (Kirkus Review)

“Gottlieb seems for this project to have consumed everything written in English about Garbo and her circle. Garbo’s Hollywood films are the heart of the book, and Gottlieb pithily describes all the star vehicles she was paid handsomely to push uphill. Gottlieb’s critiques of the finished films hold them to today’s standards of watchability while appreciating their old-school charms. Gottlieb evinces sympathy and fondness for Garbo..” (Boston Globe)

“Greta Garbo still belongs to that moment in cinema when the apprehension of the human countenance plunged crowds into the greatest perturbation, where people literally lost themselves in the human image as if in a philter, when the face constituted a sort of absolute state of the flesh which one could neither attain nor abandon. Some years earlier, Valentino’s face caused suicides; Garbo’s still participates in that same realm of amour courtois when the flesh develops certain mystical sentiments of perdition…” (Roland Barthes, Mythologies)

Why Garbo?
1: Garbo Before Stiller
2: Garbo And Stiller In Europe
3: Garbo And Stiller In America
4: Garbo And Gilbert
5: Garbo And MGM: The Silent Years
6: Garbo Talks
7: Garbo Off-screen
8: Garbo, Salka, And Mercedes
9: Garbo Goes On Talking
10: Garbo Gone
11: Garbo On Her Own
12: Garbo And Some Men In Her Life
13: Garbo, Money, And Art
14: Garbo And Beaton
15: Garbo At Home And Abroad
16: Garbo

Why Garbo
A Garbo Gallery
A Garbo Reader
Kenneth Tynan’s Profile Of Garbo
Garbo, The Harrisons, And The Windsors
24 Hours With Greta Garbo
James Harvey On Camille
Edward G. Robinson In All My Yesterdays
Glimpses Of Garbo
Colleagues On Garbo
Comments On Garbo
Garbo In Books
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  1. Thank you so much for this kind of stuff – books on cinema – so unsual elsewhere.
    This is a marvellous biography. And we do appreciate so much your efforts!

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