Stephen Frears – The Burning (1968)

Plot summary:
A white South African sets out with her grandson and coloured cook and chauffeur for her weekly visit to her sister’s farm, unaware that a black uprising is taking place.

Frears’ film is a mature work, cataloguing the unacceptable face of apartheid and oppression and its effects on peoples within the same community (for example the black South Africans are divided between “Kaffirs”, the militants and those who serve the ruling white classes). Its socially motivated content, fully realised in the finale, is stirring but never overly melodramatic, and the entire piece is kept emotionally grounded throughout. The performances are expressive; the interplay between the little boy and his elderly grandmother is particularly well rendered. The Burning is an early indication that Frears’ was to become a director who always has something relevant to say.

434MB | 30m 32s | 704×512 | avi


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