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Jonas Bak – Wood and Water (2021)

As she enters retirement, a mother leaves behind her solitary life in rural Germany and memories of a once perfect family life and travels to protest-ridden Hong Kong, a place that has kept her son away from her for many years.

“Clocking in at a lean 80 minutes, Wood and Water is one of those films that gets so much right for so long that it’s actually a bit nerve-wracking. Is the filmmaker going to make a misstep? First-time feature director Jonas Bak doesn’t err, exactly. His film is a stately, poetic examination of self-discovery, the pull of family, and the backdrop of history that tinges our relationships even when we aren’t aware of it. But for the first 45 minutes or so, Wood and Water is really something bold and new. It sets up a connection between its subject and its viewer, one that asks us to consider alienation as something more than just a common festival-film trope.”
– Michael Sicinski

2.03GB | 1h 19mn | 1818×1080 | mkv


Subtitles:English hardcoded


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