Alberto Seixas Santos – Mal AKA Evil [+ Extras] (1999)

In “Evil”, the stories and lives of the characters intertwine as a web, where in the center we engage in the relationship of Cathy and Peter. Cathy is Irish, Catholic and from a very young age she’s attracted by the great struggle for social ideals holding a huge sense of justice, in the work with illegal immigrants. Has for Pedro an excessive love. Submissive-dependent, and is not aware of his changes over time. Peter is a respected lawyer who has set aside the ideals of youth. Its success is the result of involvement in “lobbying” economic and political. Obsessed with sex, it engages in assiduous and constant extra-marital relationships, consciously cheating Cathy, although still loving her.

Includes a commentary track with the director Alberto Seixas Santos (no subtitles)
Extras (with subtitles in Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish)
Making Of 24’21”
Trailer 2’09’

1.35GB | 1h 25m | 761×476 | mkv


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