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Ernesto Baca – Natura (2015)

Ernesto Baca was born in 1969 in Florencio Varela, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1997 he completed his studies in film and video CIEVYC. In 2002 he presented his first feature film “Cabeza de palo” (“Stickhead”) to 16 mm. In 2005 he completed the movie super 8 “Samoa”, which later won a grant for expansion up to 35 mm. In 2008 he introduced the film “Music for Astronauts” (“Music for Astronauts”) which was filmed in super 8 format as well and went to film festivals such as Mar del Plata, Argentina, Vision du Reel in Switzerland and Point of View in Spain. In 2009 completed a documentary short film titled “The Servant” (“The Servant”). In 2010 he came into contact with several principals and students to direct the film “String Theory” (“string theory”) that ended up producing. Has also traveled to India to lead a creative documentary entitled “Vrindavan “, which was released in Bafici (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) 2010 and participated in the official competition Punto de Vista 2011, Spain. “Mujermujer” (“womanwoman”) was presented in section Bafici Focus Super 8 2011. “Jardines” (“Gardens”) are presented in the Bafici 2012, video mixing, super 8, 16 mm and 35 mm. His last film, “The mission of Commander Ashtar Sheran” performed at the festival of documentaries Doc Bs As. 2012 and the international premiere at the CPH: DOX 2012 in Denmark. Last work is Spectrum is made with found footage and new stage with live cinema. Ganges is in post-production and development of project won in HBF script.

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