Warren Steibel – Firing Line: What have We Learned From the Failure of Socialisim (1977)

Taped on July 25, 1977. In Mrs. Thatcher’s second appearance on Firing Line, two years before she would take up the reins of government, the conversation turns to the state of democracy in present-day Britain. We get even more of a feel than in her first appearance (S0199) of why she would become so admired, and so reviled: “For years now in British politics you have needed to use the word ‘consensus.’… It’s a word you didn’t use when I first came into politics. We had convictions, and we tried to persuade people that our convictions were the right ones, and it’s no earthly good having convictions unless you have the will to translate those convictions into action. I understand that one time you interviewed Mr. Bukovsky. I was very impressed with one of his speeches. He put it marvelously. Back when he lived in Russia, where they had no freedom at all and one or two like him were determined to fight for it whatever it cost, the view he took was not ‘Does my voice count?’ The view he took was ‘If not me, who– If not now, when?’ Now that’s the view that I want each democrat–and I use it in the ordinary sense, a believer in democracy–to take in Britain.”
Summary by Firing Line Staff.

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