Yukihiro Sawada – Hangyaku no Melody AKA Melody of Rebellion (1970)

The disbandment of the Tanno clan left gang member Tetsu (Yoshio Harada) to stray from the crime family’s fold. He roamed the streets as a one man band, wearing a denim jacket and long hair with sunglasses to cover his piercing eyes. Befriending a like-minded lone wolf by the name of Gebasaku, Tetsu builds a coalition against higher forces. A graphic portrayal of irrepressible anger and a friendship worth dying for.

The late lamented actor, Yoshio Harada’s big screen debut in “Melody of Rebellion” left a sensational first impression, and with good reason. Upon receiving the script, Harada made an offbeat request for his character to be filmed in the rough “denim attire” he had worn to the set. This seemingly crazy idea was quickly matched with the creative compliance of director Yukihiro Sawada. Their avant-garde perceptions reinvented the traditional take on Yakuza action films, creating a new landmark in 1970s filmmaking.

1.13GB | 1h 24m | 833×336 | mkv



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