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Tony Scott – Loving Memory (1971)

An extraordinary debut from one of Hollywood’s most bankable UK ex-pats, Tony Scott’s Loving Memory (1970) follows an isolated brother and sister who live with their memories and a grisly secret. Critically acclaimed on its release Loving Memory was beautifully photographed by celebrated cinematographer Chris Menges – who captures perfectly the misty mystery of the Yorkshire moors – and feature a stunning, sinister performance from Rosamund Greenwood (Village of the Damned, The Witches) as a haunted innocent.

“Loving Memory” showcases talents you wouldn’t have guessed that Tony (then a film student going by “Anthony”) Scott had if you were only familiar with his post 70s Hollywood work. That’s not to say that he isn’t good at what he does, as he’s shown that he has a good deal of talent when it comes to loud, macho action films. Yet here we see a different side of the director. Gone are all special effects, and even most dialogue. Instead what we get is a slow, meditative film that showcases Scott’s ability to quietly and simply tell a story that is macabre, unsettling, and strangely sweet. To be sure, this is a very good film, and after finishing it, I couldn’t help but wonder what else Scott might have in him. Even those who find themselves turned off by his post “The Hunger” oeuvre should find themselves pleasantly surprised by this truly wonderful film.

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