Jonas Mekas – A Letter from Greenpoint (2005)

In February 2004, after 30 years of my life in SoHo, I made a decision to leave SoHo
and move to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This video is about what it feels like to leave a
place in which one has spent more time than any other place, and which was also
the place of my family life. I am somewhere else now. It’s about beginning of growing roots in a new place, new home, with new friends, new thoughts,
This video is also about video. When in 1949 I began filming with my Bolex, it
took me fifteen years to really master it so that my Bolex would do for me what I
wanted. When in 1987 I got my first Sony camera I thought it would be different.
But no. Only today, after working with the video camera for fifteen years, I feel like it had become an extension of my eye, my body, “A Letter from Greenpoint” being my first real video work.
J. M.

1.80GB | 1h 18m | 768×576 | mkv


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