Amir Naderi – A, B, C… Manhattan (1997)

The Lower East Side of Manhatttan. One day. Three women. Colleen is a single mother and photographer. She spends her time in a bar on Avenue B. She wants a better life for her child. Kate is a musician. She came to the city to free herself of a secret she has been carrying her whole life. Now, all she wants is to make music. Kacey works in a restaurant. She has lost her boyfriend, her girlfriend and her dog. Most of all, she wants to find her dog. Woven into these portraits of Colleen, Kate and Kacey is a fourth portrait: that of New York City itself.

In a poor and decadent area of Manhattan, the musician Kate visits a room in a shared apartment with the aspirant photographer Colleen and the needy teenager Kacey, decided to start living an independent normal life of her own. The alcoholic Colleen has made a decision and will leave her beloved daughter Stella later with a family since she can not afford to support the child. The bisexual Kacey is distributing fliers trying to find her dog TJ that was stolen by her ex-boyfriend Johnny while missing her girlfriend that dumped her to get married. Kate has just broken an incestuous relationship with her brother Stevie, but he can not accept the separation.

1.44GB | 1 h 34 min | 710×426 | mkv


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