Michael Glawogger – Contact High (2009)

A handful of lackadaisical crooks are on a wild goose chase across Europe in this comedy. Carlos (Jeremy Strong) is an underworld kingpin who has lost a leather shoulder bag while traveling through Poland and wants it back, the sooner the better. Carlos orders one of his underlings, Harry (Detlev Buck), to find it, but Harry is too busy with his sexual fantasies about the good looking blonde that works at his car repair shop, so he calls up Schorsch (Georg Friedrich), a second-rate thief who resembles a down-market version of Edgar Winter, and hands the assignment over to him. Schorsch is ambivalent about the request, and tries to pass it along to Mao (Pia Hierzegger), who is the first person down this chain of criminal slackers who has a good reason for not looking for the bag — she’s busy looking after her daughter. The search for the bag finally falls to Max (Michael Ostrowski) and Hans (Raimund Wallisch), two guys who run a hot dog stand; Max also sells drugs on the side, while lightweight Hans gets high of the fumes from Max’s marijuana and eats a large percentage of their wares.

3.30GB | 1h 35m | 1280×544 | mkv



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