2001-2010ActionChi-kin KwokClement Sze-Kit ChengComedyHong Kong

Clement Sze-Kit Cheng & Chi-kin Kwok – Da lui toi AKA Gallants (2010) 

Weedy office worker Cheung is sent to a remote village to secure property rights for his real estate company. Two martial artists run the village’s teahouse, which was once the kung-fu school of their teacher Master Law. Law is in fact lying unconscious upstairs in a three decades-long coma, but he awakes when gym boss and local landlord Pong attempts to secure the teahouse for redevelopment. Law mistakes Cheung for a former student and starts training him in preparation for a martial-arts tournament at Pong’s gym that will decide all their fates.

1.66GB | 1h 36m | 854×364 | mkv



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