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Dario Argento – Le cinque giornate AKA The Five Days (1973)

Dario Argento wanted to do something different after completing the Animal trilogy. He wanted to do a film that got away from the confines of the giallo and was for the Italian viewer only. Dario decided for this kind of film to be a period piece called Le Cinque Giornate/Five Days in Milan(1973). Dario’s work on the excellent Once Upon a Time in the West(1969) played a big part in the making of the movie.

Five Days in Milan(1973) shares many traits with a Sergio Leone film known as A Fistful of Dynamite(1972). The story takes place during the Italian Revolution of 1848. It tried to copy the style of The Wild Bunch(1969) without the same results of success. The story by Dario Argento is not as good as some of the stories for his best Giallos.

+Commentary with Troy Howarth

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