Laurent Achard2011-2020DramaFranceThriller

Laurent Achard – Dernière séance AKA Last Screening (2011)

Sylvain (Pascal Cervo) is the mild-mannered projectionist at Cinéma Empire, a single-screen art house and repertory theater that is scheduled to close in a few days. In complete denial of the cinema’s impending demise, Sylvain carries on with business as usual, screening Jean Renoir’s French Cancan (1954) twice a day for the theater’s few remaining customers.

Whenever not at work, Sylvain roams the streets to fulfill his gruesome fetish for women’s ears; then, Sylvain dutifully returns to his apartment in the basement of the Cinéma Empire to place his latest “trophy” in a sinister shrine that is dedicated to the memory of his deceased mother. Hidden behind a giant subway poster for Jacques Tati’s Playtime, the cavernous secret room is decorated with creepily mutated photographs of Hollywood stars. It is not until Sylvain’s backstory is filled in by way of flashbacks to his childhood that we can begin to understand the significance of ears, earrings and actresses for Sylvain. A cinephile with some seriously creepy mother issues, Sylvain’s tranquil persona makes this absurd daily ritual all that more shocking.

2.26GB | 1h 17m | 1280×692 | mkv

Subtitles:English,Traditional Chinese

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