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Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville – France/tour/détour/deux/enfants (1977)

In this astonishing twelve-part project for and about television — the title of which refers to a 19th-century French primer Le tour de la France par deux enfants — Godard and Mieville take a detour through the everyday lives of two children in contemporary France.

This complex, intimately scaled study of the effect of television on the French family is constructed around Godard’s interviews with a school girl and school boy, Camille and Arnaud. Godard’s provocative questions to the children range from the philosophical (Do you think you have an existence?) to the social (What does revolution mean to you?). The programs’ symmetrical structure alternates between Camille’s and Arnaud’s segments (or movements), each of which is labelled with on-screen titles: Obscur/Chimie is paired with Lumiere/Physique; Realitie/Logique with Reve/Morale; Violence/Grammaire with Desordre/Calcul.

Jean-Luc Godard converse avec deux enfants, un garçon et une fille, interrogés à tour de rôle, chez leurs parents, à l’école, dans la rue, dans leur chambre, sur leurs conditions d’existence, leurs désirs, leur avenir, leurs rapports avec leurs parents, leurs maîtres.

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