Hark Tsui – Hua yue jia qi aka Love in the time of twilight (1995)

The plot is hard to summarize because there’s so much going on and it happens so fast. A young man who works in a bank and a young woman who works at the Peking Opera in a bustling Chinese town at the turn of the century are looking for mates (along with dozens of other young singles) during an annual festival and continually cross paths, but instead of connecting, they keep antagonizing each other. When the man, Kong, is killed in a bank robbery, he appears as a ghost to the young woman, Yan Yan, two weeks later and manages to get her to go back in time with him to the day of the murder to try and change history. Things take a frenetic turn as the two keep running into their earlier selves and the now-dead robber’s ghost shows up to conspire with his living self to thwart the couple. A horrible fate awaits the couple in an eerie afterlife if they fail…

1.37GB | 1h 40m | 688×368 | avi



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