1981-1990DocumentaryFrancePerformancePierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez – Juxtapositions (1986)

Directed By Andy Sommer
With warmth, modesty and infectious enthusiasm, Boulez explains the hidden architecture of his most recent work, Sur Incises, to a non-specialized young audience. On a number of occasions, Pierre Boulez has shown that he can come up with the right words and gestures to throw a light on complex musical scores. Here he demonstrates his teaching talents in talking about his work as a composer: after conducting the nine soloists of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, who follow him with visible pleasure through the mysteries of a spectacular score, he offers a witty exposition of the musical movements that make up its construction.

Directed by Frank Scheffer
Eclat is a real study of resonance written for fifteen instruments Pierre Boulez created in 1965, a glittering jewel of tightness and rationality, a riotously colorful mixture of open-form freedom and serialist order. Eclat (meaning to “burst out” ) is a kind of “concerto for conductor”, where the musicians in the ensemble play semi-improvisational material prescribed within boxes in Boulez’s score. Given this material, the conductor “composes” and controls the work via an elaborate and complex series of cues, directing the content of the music and deciding which musicians play when, as well as what they play. In this film by Frank Scheffer, Eclat is performed by the Netherland’s Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Ed Spanjaard , coached by Boulez himself.

DVD BONUS : RING by Frank Scheffer
a … 3mn distillation of the Wagner opera !


Language:mainly french (some parts english -&traces of dutch probably- on ECLAT)
Subtitles:english french german spanish dutch japanese vobsub


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