Christian-Jaque – La seconde vérité aka The Other Truth (1966)

Pierre (Robert Hossein) is a fortysomething attorney who falls for a young woman (Michele Mercier) who dances in a discotheque to work her way through medical school. He is invited to her apartment where he observes the woman is living in relative luxury with the latest lavish fashions, but the lovestruck lawyer can’t bring himself to leave his wife over the young woman, who obviously has another man on the string. When her wealthy suitor is murdered, Pierre is accused and put on trial for the man’s death. Even when he is acquitted, Pierre is persecuted by those who still believe he is guilty. He soon realizes that the woman he loves may be the one who committed the murder in this emotional crime drama.

679MB | 1h 24m | 544×240 | avi



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