Paul Vecchiali1981-1990DramaFrance

Paul Vecchiali – Le café des Jules (1988)

Saturday evening, in the suburbs of Paris. Le Relais, a small café-restaurant has just opened. Martine is waiting for customers at the bar. The first to come are regulars: Jeannot, boastful, bitter, aggressive; Guy, joking, playful; Robert, strong, boor. These three have known each other for years, and meet at the Relais every Saturday to deceive their loneliness: Johnny’s wife left with their son; Robert’s one is talking about divorce; Guy is hosted by three old ladies. Everyone goes on about its problems, encouraged by the whisky flowing like water. Talks about horses, games, politics, sex. Happy racists, especially Jeannot. This little world is already well warmed when arrive David, a shy travelling salesman, and Christiane, another regular, familiar with the trio. Christiane and David sat at a table, and talk about their past, the routine of a wasted lives. David is soon drunk, an easy prey for Jeannot. It will be a long night…

0.99GB | 58m 19s | 921×576 | mkvé


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