Theodoros Angelopoulos1971-1980ArthouseDramaGreece

Theodoros Angelopoulos – Oi Kynigoi AKA The Hunters [143 min version] (1977)

[…]The Hunters (1977), a thematic epilogue to the historical trilogy that centers on a group of middle-aged hunters who discover the perfectly preserved, 30 year-old frozen remains of a partisan (bearing an uncoincidental resemblance to the Byzantine image of Jesus Christ) and, compelled to deliberate on its ‘proper’ disposition, spend a haunted, restless evening confronting their past. Set in post-junta era Greece, the film is a contemporary allegory on the nation’s deliberate suppression of painful and unflattering history and collective deflection of personal accountability.

2.45GB | 2h 23m | 765×574 | mkv


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