Patrice Chéreau – Persécution (2009)

The solitary Daniel and Sonia share an uneasy love/hate relationship. Daniel’s life is disrupted by the appearance of a stranger that proceeds to insinuate himself in his life. The man’s persistence takes its toll on Daniel and Sonia, leaving Daniel alone with nagging questions of “Why?”

The fears, cruelty and self-absorbed suffering of a young Paris man form the heart of Patrice Chereau’s new film Persecution, an uncompromising portrait of narcissism which will resonate with as many as it alienates. Anchored by two courageous performances from Romain Duris and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Persecution is characteristic Chereau – brittle, remote and provocative.

The films of French director Patrice Chéreau, such as ‘La Reine Margot’ and the more recent ‘Gabrielle’, will be widely known to British aficionados of Gallic cinema. His latest is an ice-cold and, on occasion, punishingly verbose Parisian drama about the rapidly dissolving love affair between a pair of thirtysomething malcontents played by Romain Duris and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Technically, it looks and feels fine, but it’s one of those films which keeps its cards close to its chest while simultaneously offering little impetus to make you actually want to watch it. There’s lots of anguish, crying and pawing at flesh, while the atonal electric guitar dirges on the soundtrack only push the gloom further.

1.41GB | 1h 38m | 1008×448 | mkv


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