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Douglas Sirk and Hajo Gies – Sprich zu mir wie der Regen AKA Talk to Me Like the Rain (1976)

Encouraged by Fassbinder, with whom he became friendly after the then-enfant terrible of the German cinema visited him in Lugano, Sirk also did some teaching during the late 1970s at the film school in Munich, where he made three short films with his students. Sprich zu mir wie der Regen was the first of these films supervised by Sirk.

Tennessee Williams’ Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen

Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen was written in 1953 as part of a series of one-acts Williams wrote in particular for community theatre. Unlike the large scenic demands of his larger works (i.e. A Streetcar Named Desire) Talk Like The Rain… features a small-scale, bare-room situation. It involves an unnamed Man and Woman who are bound together in an endless cycle by their hopeless poverty. Major William’s themes are explored in the Man’s alcoholism and the Woman’s desperation. Although not specified, the one-act can be worked in a more surrealist fashion. Monologues for both sexes, with the Woman’s being substantially longer, spanning several pages.

191MB | 14m 34s | 624×448 | avi



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