Waldemar Krzystek – Zwolnieni z zycia AKA Dismissed From Life (1992)

Quote (Autotranslated):
December 1989. Jan Wysocki (Wojciech Wysocki), a former Wrocław oppositionist, becomes a member of the Senate committee to settle the activities of the communist secret service. In order to stop him, a group of Escorts hit his family. As a result, Marek (Jan Frycz), Wysocki’s younger brother, is severely beaten to a rubbish dump. Here, fate will meet him with the eccentric “Frenchwoman” (Krystyna Janda). Together they will create a pair of outsiders: he doesn’t know who she is, she lives in her own Paris – they both need each other.

“I wanted to show the clumsy painting of Poland. A breakthrough moment when the sign “Policja” appeared on the law enforcement cars, but the old one was still piercing underneath: “Milicja”. While making documentation, at the police stations I met the same people who laughed at my nose” – said Waldemar Krzystek years later. His film, inspired by authentic events, using the conventions of sensational cinema – with the motif of amnesia at the forefront – is, on the one hand, an attempt to portray Poland’s beginning of transformation, a nascent capitalism, and on the other, a story characteristic of the director’s work about the psychological consequences of the clash between successive generations of Poles and History. It is probably no coincidence that the place of action again – after his debut W zawieszeniu / In Suspension (1986) – is his hometown of Lower Silesia, and the protagonist’s name is Wysocki, just like that of the Home Army soldier in hiding in that film. In the subsequent ones – including the award-winning Little Moscow (2008), 80 million (2011) and Photographer (2014), Krzystek will be faithful to his artistic formula combining genre cinema with history, as declared: “We were brought up in a tradition that told Polish directors to address issues relevant to society in their films”.

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