Takahisa Zeze1981-1990DramaEroticaJapan

Takahisa Zeze – Aozora AKA Bestial Lust Demon – Debauchery (1989)

A man in despair picks up a young girl named Momo from a telephone club, who turns out to have been a member of “The Monster with 21 Faces” involved in the “Glico Morinaga Incident”. Implementing audio tapes of the actual incident, the film was ahead of it’s time, twenty-eight years before “The Voice of Sin / 罪の声”. Young Takahisa Zeze struggles with the darkness of Showa history, and with his longing for criminals to be free people, he makes a strange escape between Tokyo and Kyoto, running fast and stagnant. A quiet demise that leads nowhere.

DVD label: Custom VHS recording (CINE SALON)
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Audio: AC3 2.0
Programs: ffmpeg, dvdauthor, MaestroSBT, PgcDemux, MuxMan, VobBlanker, DVDSubEdit, PgcEdit
Menus: None
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD extras: None
DVD runtime: 01:01:47



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