1961-1970AustriaCrimeDramaHellmuth Matiasek

Hellmuth Matiasek – Biedermann und die Brandstifter (1963)

There is more and more arson, with two arsonists pretending to be peddlers, asking for shelter in the attic and setting fires a little later. Shortly afterwards, a peddler rings the doorbell at Gottlieb Biedermann’s hair tonic manufacturer and asks for accommodation. Biedermann had recently dismissed his employee Knechtling and is indifferent to his future fate.

The peddler introduces himself as a former wrestler Josef Schmitz and regrets that everyone thinks he is an arsonist. He arouses sympathy with Biedermann, who gives him quarters in his attic. Biedermann’s wife Babette was initially skeptical and asked Biedermann to send him away again, but quickly developed compassion for the man. A little later an alleged fire insurance agent introduces himself to Biedermann; Josef Schmitz recognizes a former friend in the representative, the former waiter Wilhelm Maria Eisenring. Even when Schmitz and Eisenring are storing several gasoline barrels in the attic, Biedermann has no suspicions; one shouldn’t always think only the worst of people.

Biedermann learns of Knechtling’s suicide, but refuses to take responsibility for it.

Biedermann invites Schmitz and Eisenring to dinner to confirm his friendship with both men. Shortly before dinner, a funeral wreath for knechtling is delivered, the ribbon of which was inadvertently labeled “Gottlieb Biedermann”.

During the meal, Schmitz Biedermann is briefly shocked when he throws a tablecloth over himself and says he is the ghost of Knechtling. When a fire truck with an emergency signal drives past the Biedermanns’ house and the Biedermanns are relieved that they are not affected, Schmitz and Eisenring explain that they will first stage a fire further away so that the fire brigade is distracted. Nevertheless, Biedermann emphasizes that the two men are his friends. Shortly afterwards the Biedermanns’ house goes up in flames; several gasometers explode…

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