2001-2010HorrorJapanThrillerYoshihiro Nakamura

Yoshihiro Nakamura – Bûsu AKA The Booth (2005)

Shogo (Ryuta Sato) is the host of “Love Lines,” a late night radio call-in show where he offers advice and/or sarcastic remarks to the lovelorn. On this night, the station is in the process of relocating, forcing Shogo and his staff to use the antiquated Studio 6. Not only is all the equipment outdated, but there are stories about the studio being haunted. Rumor has it that an on-air talent committed suicide in the DJ’s booth decades ago. Shogo doesn’t want to hear any ghost stories, though; he just wants to do his show.

As the night progresses, strange things do start to happen. Distorted sounds start coming out of the speakers, and Shogo’s callers are interrupted by a second voice on the airwaves, one which seems to know a secret about Shogo—something he doesn’t want the whole world to hear. It’s going to be a long night.

1.24GB | 1h 14m | 849×478 | mkv




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