Documentary1991-2000GermanyPeter Nestler

Peter Nestler – Die Römerstraße im Aostatal AKA The Roman Street in the Aosta Valley (1998)


Today, the «Römerstrasse» in Italy’s Aosta valley, is a significant traffic artery in the center of modern Europe. Nestler’s journey explores the moving history of the Aosta valley, which passed through many hands – from the Roman Empire to Burgundian and Frankish kingdoms – until it was acquired by Italy in the 11th century. The now busy motorway, which runs from the Po Valley to the Great and Little St. Bernhard passes, is revealed through the timeless eyes of a historian. At the same time, the documentary sheds light on cultural traditions and contemporary life in the region.

3.26GB | 1h 28m | 1920×1080 | mkv,_1998)_(1080p_with_25fps).mkv,_1998)_(fr).srt



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