Mariko Miyagi – Kodomotachi ganbare AKA Hello, Kids! (1986)

The fourth film in a four-part documentary film depicting children of a nursing home for the physically handicapped, Nemunoki Gakuen, which celebrated its 45th anniversary. Projecting friendship through music and dance between Nemoki children and New York Harlem children.

1.67GB | 1h 39m | 716×537 | mkv!_Kodomotachi_ganbare_AKA_Hello,_Kids!.mkv


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  1. subtitulos porfa

  2. Wow, thanks so much for this and Niji o kakeru kodomo-tachi AKA Children Drawing Rainbows (1975). Hopefully english subtitles will show up for this one and Mariko Miyagi’s other two directorial efforts will also surface. I’ve only managed to find the The Silk Tree Ballad.

  3. eng subs for this movie possible?

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