Comedy1981-1990JapanYôjirô Takita

Yôjirô Takita – Kimurake no hitobito AKA The Yen Family (1988)

In Japan’s bubble economy everyone is looking for ways to increase their wealth and assets. But the Kimura family is particularly determined – in fact it is abnormally determined – to accumulate wealth. They don’t want a palatial mansion, they have no outstanding loans and they’re not planning to travel abroad. They just love money so much that they work day and night for even the smallest amounts. And of course nothing is allowed to go to waste.

Every morning at 6:00 A.M they go through an early morning ritual. They line up in the living room and chant the denominations of yen. Then the Kimuras start the day’s business, doing anything to make a few pennies and to squeeze the last drop from every prospect. Mr. Kimura begins by organizing a newspaper delivery service and his wife begins her day with a series of erotic wake-up calls. Then the whole family pitches in to the task of making a large number of lunch boxes.

So starts another day in the life of a family dedicated to worshiping the mighty yen… A day filled with no end of demeaning, sly and even illegal tasks that provide, for a price, services to the community, fellow office workers, fellow school-children, relatives and even themselves, for father pays mother for the articles of clothing she removes, and mother owes father for the number of thrusts.

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