1961-1970EroticaJapanTetsuji Takechi

Tetsuji Takechi – Kôkeimu AKA The Dream Of The Red Chamber (1964)

Takechi’s third film, The Dream of the Red Chamber or Crimson Dream (Kokeimu, 1964), was released less than two months after Daydream. The film depicts the lurid and violently erotic dreams of a writer, his wife and his sister, after having spent a night out drinking and visiting sex shows. The Dream of the Red Chamber underwent extensive censorship before the government would allow it to be released. About 20% of the film’s original content was cut by Eirin, rendering the film virtually incoherent, and this footage is now considered lost.

2.15GB | 1h 14mn | 1920×1080 | mkv



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