1961-1970Carlo LizzaniChristian-JaqueItalyTerence YoungThrillerWerner Klingler

Christian-Jaque, Carlo Lizzani, Werner Klingler & Terence Young – La guerra segreta AKA The Dirty Game (1965)

‘The US intelligence chief in Europe relates the stories of three different operations that he was involved in with colleagues in Paris and Djibouti, Rome, and Berlin.’

‘La guerre secrete is divided into [three] separate vignettes, each scene representing a day in the life of international espionage agents. Stories involve a secret agent who goes undercover as a kidnapper, an attempt to impede a Russian attack on two submarines, and an undercover agent confronting a traitor in the Berlin offices of the CIA. Linking the stories is Robert Ryan as a US Intelligence chief.’
– Hal Erickson

1.75GB | 2h 02mn | 672×400 | mkv


Subtitles:Italian HoH (idx/sub)


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