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Lucio Fulci – Le massaggiatrici AKA The Masseuses (1962)

Jason M wrote:
In the midst of his early comedic period, Fulci directs this somewhat screwball-ish comedy about two businessmen Parodi (Ernesto Calindri) and Manzini (Luigi Pavese) seeking to make a fast turn on an investment when they decide to establish a youth centre for young women. But they have to convince a local politician, Cipriani Paolini (Louis Seigner) that it’s all going to be fair play, so he sets his secretary Bellini (Philippe Noiret) to supervise the finalization of the agreement. Before you know it, the blokes all want to pass some time, and do so by visiting a trio of masseuses (code for prostitutes), Marisa (Sylva Koscia), Iris (Cristina Gaioni) and Milena (Valeria Fabrizi) who jump at the opportunity as they see a possibility of saving their own massage parlour racket that’s having a hard time financially.

Surprisingly, towards the last half hour Franco and Ciccio turn up as hotel night-portieres who help out the ladies, and fall straight into their brand of comedy pulling faces and making a lot of noise, and as always trying to get a piece of action from the ladies. Good luck with that.

1.37GB | 1h 28m | 1021×552 | mkv

Subtitles:English,Italian (idx/sub)

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