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Marcel Carné – Les Assassins de l’Ordre AKA Law Breakers (1971)

Judge Level is investigating the death of a man named Saugeat, who died shortly after being arrested for a minor offence by two police inspectors one December morning. No one seems to want to offer any testimony, other than the prostitute Danièle Lebegue, who calls on Level as soon as she hears the news of Saugeat’s death. She tells the judge that she couldn’t come earlier because she was instructed by Chief Inspector Bertrand to leave Paris for a short while. It becomes apparent to Level that someone is trying to hide something from him…
— James Travers.

2.53GB | 1h 50m | 960×576 | mkv’ordre_(Law_Breakers)_(1971)_–_Marcel_Carne.mkv

Subtitles:English,French (muxed)

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