2011-2020Don SiegelExperimentalFilm NoirRobert SiodmakSteven SoderberghUSA

Robert Siodmak & Don Siegel & Steven Soderbergh – Stereoscopic Killers [Soderbergh Experimental Edit] (2016)

Steven Soderbergh mixes Siodmak’s 1946 and Siegel’s 1964 The Killers
with wide selection of musical numbers “when presented with the challenge of delivering
some audio/visual material for a series of events organized in LA “

So why spend sixty hours on stuff designed to be shown as video wallpaper at a party? Because I came out the other end different somehow; through experimenting in a format that probably has no bearing on my day job, I saw some things that made me think HMM, THAT’S INTERESTING. Maybe some of it will find its way into my “normal” work, maybe not. Maybe, in order to satisfy the intrigue sparked by this project—one I didn’t know I would even have to do six weeks ago—I will start thinking about a project which IS designed from the beginning to be presented in this way. Or maybe it’s just something other people can use to show on a wall at their own parties—it’s all good. Because time spent creating ANYTHING is never wasted.

2.82GB | 1h 34m | 1920×1080 | mkv



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