1961-1970ComedyRoman PolanskiShort FilmUSA

Roman Polanski – Ssaki aka Mammals (1962)

“Waiting for Godot” on ice and snow, without words. Against a barren winter landscape, a figure approaches: it’s a man, pulling a small sleigh on which another man sits, plucking a dead bird. They stop to trade places; the one now on the sleigh takes out his knitting. Accidents, misunderstandings, disagreements, and an outright fight await our absurd protagonists as their trip to nowhere continues, first with one pulling, then the other. What if they were to lose the sleigh? What rules of civilization and partnership would guide them then?

411MB | 10m 50s | 992×720 | mkv




  1. One quite sure if my browser ate my post… So, just to be safe, I’ll send it again: Could I ask for a re-up of Ssaki, please? (The Polanski shosrts are still online. Just this one is missing.)

  2. Could you please reupload the Polanski’s first shorts? Most of them are down. Thanks in advance and great job with this page.

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