2021-2030ActionChinaThrillerYimou Zhang

Yimou Zhang – Xuan ya zhi shang AKA Cliff Walkers AKA Impasse (2021)

In the 1930’s, four Chinese spies, Chuilang (Zhu Yawen), Lan (Liu Haocun), Zhang (Zhang Yi) and Yu (Quin Hailu) infiltrate Manchukuo, a puppet state of the Empire of Japan located in China. The Japanese had bombed an internment camp in Manchukuo to cover-up the existence of the camp. The four spies’ mission is to rescue a surviving prisoner who was held at an internment camp in hopes of exposing the truth around the world.

3.62GB | 2h 00m | 1920×816 | mkv


Subtitles:English,Chinese (hardcoded)

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