2001-2010Cemal SanDramaTurkey

Cemal San – Zeynep’in sekiz günü AKA Zeynep’s Eight Days (2007)

The second feature film directed by award-winning screenwriter Cemal Þan following his debut Ali, which was not publicly screened, tackles urban themes such as alienation, love, loneliness, desperation and confinement through the eponymous heroine Zeynep, who leads an obsessively ordered life. Shutting herself to the outside world to build a life of her own, with almost all her days the same. One night, at a bar she goes to for a friend’s birthday, Zeynep meets a young man named Ali. From then on, there will be unexpected changes in Zeynep’s life. (Istanbul Film Festival booklet – 2008)

1.37GB | 2h 03m | 640×368 | avi




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