1931-1940ComedyDramaLeopold LindtbergSwitzerland

Leopold Lindtberg – Die Missbrauchten Liebesbriefe AKA The Misused Love Letters (1940)

The Misused Love Letters was one of the most popular Swiss films in the 40s.

It tells the story of a merchant from the town of Seldwyla, called Viktor Störteler. He has a passion for literature and rather fancies himself as a poet, although his poetry is mediocre at best. While away on business, he asks his wife to send him a daily love letter. His wife Gritli however is not to keen on this idea and ask the young teacher Wilhelm to write her love letters instead. Wilhelm does so, but believes himself to be the addressee of the letters. Viktor comes to know of their little scheme when he returns and gets offended. As a result he takes a momentous decision, that will have consequences for all parties involved…

700MB | 1h 27m | 720×574 | avi


Language:Swiss German

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