1961-1970ArthouseDramaOtar IosselianiUSSR

Otar Iosseliani – Giorgobistve AKA Falling Leaves (1966)

Niko and Otar begin their professional career in a wine-producing cooperative. The two men are totally different: Niko is reserved, loyal and serious, while Otar is an opportunist convinced of his possibilities of succeeding. Niko establishes a sincere relationship with the workers and, because of his innate integrity, eventually enters into a conflict with Otar. The bottling of a wine which Niko considers to be of very bad quality but which the directors of the cooperative like, exacerbates the disagreement. The younger man will win the battle, which will be brought to an end with the help of the workers.

1.44GB | 1h 34m | 768×576 | mkv




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