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Kyoshi Sugita – Haruharasan no uta AKA Haruhara San’s Recorder (2021)

Sachi quits her job at a museum, starts working part-time at a café, and moves into an apartment recommended by a regular customer. Although she has started a new life, Sachi is still haunted by the memory of her partner whom she will never see again.

Kyoshi Sugita is a protege of Makoto Shinozaki, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Shinji Aoyama and others. Both his debut and sophomore features premiered at Tokyo IFF. This is latest work, HARUHARA SAN’S RECORDER (2021) which premiered at FID Marseille 2021.

3.04GB | 2h 00m | 1998×1080 | mkv’s.Recorder.(2021.Kyoshi_Sugita).Web-DL.H.264.AAC.EngHardSub.mkv

Subtitles:English hardcoded


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